A Legacy of Excellence in Health Supplements

Growth-Sinerama - HHs was established by a group of like-minded individuals working together to change the health and growth supplement industry.

We all start somewhere…
We started with a barely funded lab with no air conditioning and only the most minimal of equipment to start on our path.   We had all come from prestigious labs and companies that were involved in everything from biological studies, chemistry, and health studies, and were ready to make a difference on our own.

We knew that this was only the beginning of our path, and we knew we had hit on something when, six months later in the middle of a summer so brutal we had every window open and there still wasn’t a breeze to be had, we struck on it.  This great combination of richly nutritious ingredients packed with minerals the body needs to grow is beyond compare.

Real Success Only Comes With Great Products

We knew that we could ship out snake oil and fake promises and make ourselves a bundle if we marketed right, but that isn’t what we wanted for our company.  We wanted to provide a high quality product to customers who were actively seeking a way to add inches to their height, and that’s just what we did.  We tested, reviewed, experimented, and listened to feedback for six months before we found a place to start, and it wasn’t until years later we felt our formula was perfect.

The fruit of such careful stewardship of our resources is what led to a three year boom in our profitability, customers all over the world raving about what Growth-Sinerama had done for them.

It’s a product comprised of 100% Botanical and Natural products, produced in ways that respect the environment, in factories where the human rights conditions are beyond reproach.  If we can’t feel good about where it came from, then you shouldn’t feel good about putting it in your body.

Growth-Sinerama dedicates itself to being an ethical provider of high quality health merchandise geared towards improving your life.

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