This Is What Questions are Being Asked about Growth-Sinerama

How safe is this supplement?
Barring any allergies to the ingredients included (which are clearly listed on the label) you can’t get a safer supplement to use to increase your height.  We did years of research to ensure that there were no harmful side-effects.

How does this stuff actually work?
The basic science behind the product is that it stimulates your pituitary gland, which starts producing a useful amount of Growth Hormone every day.  This additional burst of hormone increase the ability of your cartilage to start regrowing, and helps bolster the discs between your vertebrae and facilitates the growth of bone.

I was told I wouldn’t grow anymore, why will this help?
Growth-Sinerama is specially formulated to push on through the boundaries of the body’s normal quit point on growth.  By feeding your endocrine system a steady diet of needed vitamins and minerals, you’ll start seeing results you were told were impossible.

But I’m Genetically Height Impaired, what about me?
Genetics only go so far in impeding your growth, if you have the system fueled, you can unlock the potential of your taller ancestors and becoming a towering giant amongst your familial peers.  With just a little encouragement, you’ll be seeing things from the height you want.

Is it easy to use?
You measure it into a cup, you add milk, you drink.  So long as there isn’t a hole in the glass, you’re good!

What about other vitamin supplements? Do I need them?
Well, you can keep taking them and they certainly won’t hurt anything, but Growth-Sinerama doesn’t need anything else to accomplish its goal.  Your metabolism will be ticking over again like it did when you were a kid, and you’ll be back to having growth spurts.

What about Hormones? Are there any?
While Growth-Sinerama encourages your Pituitary gland to produce new growth hormone, it doesn’t actually have any itself.  It just helps your body naturally produce more HGH to kick your body  back into the spirit of growing again!

What about a Prescription? Do I need one?
Not at all, since Growth-Sinerama is a supplement and not a medicine, you don’t need anything to buy it but your credit card or western union!

I emailed you guys and haven’t heard back, what gives?
This happens sometimes, check your spam folder for any kind of reply we’ve sent.  If it’s camping there, be sure to mark it as not trash to avoid future problems.  We want to talk to you, honest!

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