Growth Sinerama Takes the Health Supplement Scene by Storm

   After years in development as a closely guarded secret, Growth-Sinerama has recently become one of the most acclaimed and sought after products in the growth supplement industry.  The health supplement has long been the province of cheats, fake products, and flimsy science, but no more!  GrowTaller Labs has developed this amazing and innovative product and itís giving people a new perspective on life.

Not Just another Growth Supplement

   One of the challenges weíve had to overcome
is the stigma of being part of the health supplement
industry.  So many supplements make so many
promises, so the cynical are often hard pressed to reap
the benefits of using Growth-Sinerama.  If youíve ever
wanted to just be a few inches taller, then you want to
check out this innovative new product.

   Developed in small independent labs,
Growth-Sinerama has been a collaborative work of health
professionals and height enthusiasts the world over. 
Testing, research, and a thorough scouring of peer
reviewed journals for the most recent information
of growth and development has led to this revolutionary
product, made from 100% natural ingredients.

The Elements of Human Growth:
Our Never Before Seen Formula

Carob Flour Ė Carob Flour has been becoming increasingly popular in health food circles for its ability to mimic the taste of chocolate while providing a low sugar, protein packed punch to your diet.  Research has shown that it is capable of bringing blood sugar into balance, and is therefore an excellent supplement for diabetics. With all of the nutrients packed into this, it is a truly amazing foundation for a growth formula.

Wheat Flour Ė Wheat, the most common form of flour used in the world today, has powerful secrets that havenít been well touted by the health industry.  With the rise of the gluten-free craze, the health benefits of this particular ingredient have been buried under a wave of negative press.  What has been lost under this is its ability to help balance our metabolism, and bring powerful vitamins and minerals to supplement your bodyís growth.

Rye Flour Ė Rye flour is a common ingredient in breads, and is used in making a rye based liquor of the same name.  While arguably being the best type of bread for a tuna salad sandwich, rye flour is also the carrier of untold health benefits.  Like Carob flour, it is well known for helping to stabilize blood sugar, while also carrying the essential ingredients for building new bone.

Oat Flour Ė The last of the grain flours in this product (carob is a bean from a tree, like cacao), Oat is another ingredient weíre all familiar with in one arena or another, most popularly as oatmeal.  Oat carries some formidable health benefits, most notably the ability to hold off osteoporosis, a condition that results in the hollowing and weakening of bones.

Powdered Milk Ė Often thought of as an inexpensive or merely storable version of the popular drink, powdered milk is incorporated into this formula to help provide the necessary building blocks for health bones and protein for muscle growth.  Also contained in this little powder are all the vitamins the body needs to help use the calcium to build new strong bones.

Cinnamon Powder Ė Cinnamon is tasty, Iím sure we all agree on that.  However, it also has properties that make it stabilize the blood sugar, and can be used to help diabetics live a healthy life as a result.  Since bones prefer a low sugar environment in which to grow, cinnamon is a great booster for that.

And much more special  secret Growth-Sinerama herbal ingredients to help you grow taller !

Be Short No More!

   We know youíve been told it isnít possible, that the dreams of towering height passed with your youth, but donít you believe it!  Growth-Sinerama has been shown to be a powerful stimulant of bone growth and healthy living.  Whether youíre 16 or 60, Growth-Sinerama will help you start restoring healthy bone and generating more, resulting in great heights!

Adolescence Isnít The End!

   Donít believe the stories that you canít keep gaining height once Adolescence has come and gone.  The body maintains the ability to grow and repair itself throughout your life, if you just have the right tools and materials to make it happen.  Anyone between the age of 18 and 60 will be able to experience the benefits of stimulated growth centers, all with Growth-Sinerama health booster.

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